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Environmental Education Scholarship Fund

TreeHouse Wildlife Center is excited to announce we have funding for an Environmental Education Scholarship (EES) through the end of 2023. This fund was established with a grant from Marathon Community Investment Programs.  Currently, schools, libraries, or other groups that can demonstrate financial need can apply for a free program.  At this time, please contact our Education Coordinator at for more information about applying. 

To meet the requirements of this grant funded program, please read the following definitions:

  • Under-resourced School - in under-resourced schools, students often must deal with large class sizes, fewer advanced classes, lack of resources, less experienced teachers, and, in some cases, no teacher at all.  Inequitable funding means that we are failing to invest in many of our children. 


  • Underserved groups - underserved, vulnerable, and special needs populations are communities that include members of minority populations or individuals who have experienced health disparities.


  • Underserved and vulnerable populations - populations that face health, financial, educational, and/or housing disparities.

Funding Sources:


Scholarship Founder: Marathon Community Investment Programs 2022

Community Support:   Smart Owl Coffee, Ruby Berghoff

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