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Check below for current job openings at TreeHouse Wildlife Center!

Looking for a job in wildlife rehabilitation or environmental education? Jobs in this field can provide some of the most rewarding experiences in your life. In this field individuals work to save the lives of native wildlife by going out on rescues, caring for the animals in the hospital, and releasing them back into the wild when they're ready. Some centers, like ours, also provide opportunities to work with and educate the public about our wildlife so they can better understand why they are so important to have around. 

There are a lot of great aspects to this line of work but it is also important to understand that it is a lot of hard work! Most individuals working in wildlife rehabilitation work long hours, work in all types of weather, and may have to work over holidays. There is also the reality of working in a wildlife hospital where animals are admitted in all kinds of conditions. If you love animals and this doesn't deter you, then a career in wildlife rehabilitation may be for you! Check out the website for the  National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association or the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council for job listings! It is highly recommended that you volunteer or intern at a wildlife rehabilitation center to get experience before seeking a paid position.

No Current Job Openings
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