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TreeHouse provides room for reacclimation back to the wild.  Our 5,760 sq. ft. flight enclosure behind our main building give birds the chance to regain the strength in their wings by flying long distance horizontally and vertically. For those certain animals needing sanctuary, we offer permanent resident enclosures and a place to call home. 

In 2010 TreeHouse moved from its original location in Brighton to the current 8 1/2 acre property located in Dow, IL.  Our Dow facility offers an ideal atmosphere for the care of sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife as well as a haven for those who cannot be released back into the wild.

The wildlife come first at TreeHouse. From the moment a patient is admitted, we strive to provide the best care possible for that animal. Wildlife rehabilitators give urgent assessment and professional care to all animals who come to our center, and volunteers assist in the comfort of patients and the operation of the facilities. Our hospital comes complete with a full clinic, indoor caging and exercise rooms for wildlife receiving treatment, and a nursery for young animals needing care. We understand rehabilitation is a step-by-step process, and our outdoor housing and release-training facilities for patients 

TreeHouse also boasts a wildlife education center and a gift shop for visitors to enjoy. We provide on-site intern quarters that host college students from around the world. These interns receive hands-on experience in animal rescue, rehabilitation, husbandry, and release.  TreeHouse works with colleges to offer school credit to interns. Interns can also learn about other aspects of a wildlife facility by participating in education programs and outreach.

Due to the comfort and welfare of our resident wildlife, TreeHouse is a smoke free facility and we do not allow pets except for trained service animals.

Interested in hosting a birthday party or gathering at a unique location surrounded by our native wildlife? Consider renting our pavilion for your event! Our pavilion is situated amongst a row of pine trees next to our permanent resident enclosures and our fire circle. It comes with four large picnic tables and is available for use from 10am-4pm. To reserve our pavilion, download our pavilion rental agreement and rules. Send the completed form to our center at 23956 Green Acres Road, Dow, IL 62022 or scan and email to us at

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