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Internship Programs

Do you want hands on experience working with wildlife? Check out our Wildlife Rehabilitation Internship Program! Rehabilitation interns at TreeHouse have a unique opportunity to experience all facets of the operation of a wildlife rehab facility.  Interns are involved in every stage of rehabilitation, from admission to release.  An ordinary day could involve building a platform for a new cage, assisting with an educational program, or intubating an owl.  Interns learn about the care and rehabilitation of native Illinois wildlife from experienced rehabbers and gain hands-on experience in wild animal husbandry. Students majoring in veterinary medicine, biology, zoology and environmental sciences would benefit from this internship program. 

Do you enjoy learning about wildlife and have a passion for teaching? Take a look at our Education Internship Program! Education interns at Treehouse have the unique opportunity to learn what it is like to work as an educator at a wildlife center. Interns will learn how to care for, handle, and train educational outreach ambassador animals as well as how to utilize them for educational programming.

A typical day as an education intern may consist of leading guided tours, participating in outreach programs, training educational outreach ambassador animals, and developing new educational material and programming. Students majoring in education, biology, and environmental sciences would benefit from this internship program.

Both internship programs are a minimum of 8 weeks for 40 hours a week with two days off for free time. There is on-site shared housing available for up to five interns at a time. Stipends are currently not available. Unable to commit to 40 hours a week? TreeHouse also offers externships for local students currently in school or working. Externs commit to working 10 hours a week or more on a flexible schedule for a minimum of 10 weeks.

Treehouse may also be able to accommodate internships in other areas of interest. If you have a particular interest that might be mutually beneficial to a non-profit, animal orientated organization, such as fundraising, public relations, grant writing, etc. please send us an e-mail at and let us know. 


To apply for our internship programs, please download and complete the Internship Application for the program of your choosing which can be found by clicking on the links below. We also request a copy of your resume and a one-page essay introducing yourself and explaining why you are interested in interning with us. For the Rehabilitation Internship Program, email these documents to our Wildlife Rehabilitator, Kerry Lennartz, at For the Education Internship Program, email these documents to our Education Coordinator, at You may also mail your application to the center at 23956 Green Acres Road, Dow, IL 62022 ATTN: Kerry Lennartz or ATTN: Seth Filtz.  

How to Apply
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