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The Guardian Program

The care and treatment of animals is our first priority. Release back into the wild is our goal. We have several veterinarians and volunteers that graciously donate their services, but cost of rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wildlife is still significant. The Guardian Program allows donors to exclusively sponsor a resident animal for one year renewable. Supporting a resident animal’s food and care allows TreeHouse to allocate other funds toward animals receiving rehabilitative care.


Our resident animals help us serve the community through environmental education. All of the TreeHouse resident animals serve an important purpose. Some of them are outreach and education animals for events and programs while others serve as foster parents to orphaned wildlife that come through our rehabilitation program. Several help educate guests to TreeHouse by viewing them up close in the comfort of their enclosures. All of the resident animals at TreeHouse have a unique story and are here because they are unreleaseable. Interested in sponsoring a resident? Scroll over the pictures below for pricing and visit our Resident Animals page for information on specific residents.

Enclosure sponsorship also available for individuals or corporations. 

Signing up to be a TreeHouse Guardian comes with several unique benefits:

  • Sponsorship of the animal of your choice for one year (naming rights included if unnamed)

  • Certificate of Guardianship

  • Species relevant information

  • The history of your animal at TreeHouse

  • 5x7 color photograph of your animal

  • A plaque on the animal's enclosure indicating your sponsorship

  • One year subscription to our annual newsletter

  • Subscription to our monthly e-newsletter

  • A one hour complementary tour for your family or group (must be scheduled in advance)

  • 10% discount in our gift shop

Read our residents' stories here and choose the animal ambassador for you, your family, or group. 

Some of the best TreeHouse Guardians are classrooms and scout troops. In addition to learning about animals, children also learn the benefits of giving, since every dollar goes directly to the care and feeding of the animals. For more information, call the center at (618) 466-2990.

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