The Guardianship Program

The care and treatment of animals is our first priority. Release back into the wild is our goal. We have several veterinarians and volunteers that graciously donate their services, but cost of rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wildlife is still significant. The Guardian Program allows donors to exclusively sponsor a resident animal for one year renewable. Supporting a resident animal’s food and care allows TreeHouse to allocate other funds toward animals receiving rehabilitative care.


Our resident animals help us serve the community through environmental education. All of the TreeHouse resident animals serve an important purpose. Some of them are outreach and education animals for events and programs while others serve as foster parents to orphaned wildlife that come through our rehabilitation program. Several help educate guests to TreeHouse by viewing them up close in the comfort of their enclosures. All of the resident animals at TreeHouse have a unique story and are here because they are unreleaseable. Interested in sponsoring a resident? Scroll over the pictures below for pricing and visit our Resident Animals page for information on specific residents.

Enclosure sponsorship also available for individuals or corporations. 

Signing up to be a TreeHouse Guardian comes with several unique benefits:

  • Sole sponsorship of the animal of your choice for one year (naming rights included if unnamed, initial animal choice on first come first serve basis)

  • Certificate of Adoption

  • Natural history and life history of your resident animal

  • 5x7 color photograph of your animal

  • Your name as a guardian on a visible plaque located in our outdoor billboard system.

  • One year subscription to our annual newsletter

  • Subscription to our monthly e-newsletter

Read our residents' stories here and choose the animal ambassador for you, your family, or group. 

Some of the best TreeHouse Guardians are classrooms and scout troops. In addition to learning about animals, children also learn the benefits of giving, since every dollar goes directly to the care and feeding of the animals. For more information, call the center at (618) 466-2990.

Not interested in becoming a Guardian but have a favorite animal?  Donate in their name.  Donate $20 or more and you will receive our newsletter at the end of the year.  Make sure to add a note to let us know who you are donating for and make sure to add your address if you would like a newsletter.

Barn & Short Eared Owls
Kasper: $500 Sponsorship
Unnamed Short Eared: $500 Sponsorship
Screech Owls
BoBo-NoBo the Screech Owl: Sponsor, Michelle Camarena
Leia the Screech Owl: Sponsor, Patrice Vaeth
Amaretto the Screech Owl: $250 sponsorship
Barred Owls
Jack the Barred Owl: Sponsor, Matt Glenn
Great Horned Owls
Howie the Great Horned Owl: $750 sponsorship
Stevie the Great Horned Owl: Sponsor, Lee Ann Kaskutas
Owlbert the Great Horned Owl: $750 Sponsorship
Cole the Great Horned Owl: $750 Sponsorship
Maorga: Sponsor, Mary Morrison.
Blue The American Kestrel: Sponsored by Anastasia Drake and Shelby Bickerstaff.
Millennium Falcon the American Kestrel: Sponsor, Judie & Crew.
Bald Eagles
Mac: $1,000 Sponsorship
Hope: is sponsored in Honor of Chandra Ann Jeanette Bosler
Spuds: $1,000 Sponsorship
Ozzy: Sponsored by Brooke Aldridge.
Emrys the Bald Eagle: Sponsored by Phillips 66 Wood Refinery
Skye: Sponsored by Gary Surgeon in memory of long time volunteers Mel & Shirley McCann.
Bandit the Osprey: Sponsored by K.A.E.
Hershey the Red-tailed Hawk: Sponsored by Christine Casten in memory of Lee Casten
Luke the Red-tailed Hawk: $500 Sponsorship
Julien the Red-shouldered Hawk: Sponsor, Stewart Kinney
Cirrus the Red-tailed Hawk: Sponsor, Susan Rollins.
Socks the Rough-legged Hawk: $500
Unnamed Coopers Hawk: $350 Sponsorship
Turkey Vultures
Einstein the Turkey Vulture: $500 Sponsorship
Issac Newton: Sponsor, Col. Stephen Miller (Ret)
Karrion: Sponsor, Eric Bloemker in honor of his sister Karen
Igor: $500 Sponsorship
Ed or Penelope the Pelican: $750 Sponsorship
Unnamed Common Gull: $250 Sponsorship
Ingram, the American Crow: Sponsor, Morrison's Irish Pub
Zuni the Coyote: $750 Sponsorship
Apache the Coyote: $750 Sponsorship
Vixey the Red Fox: $750 Sponsorship
Dorian the Gray Fox: $750 Sponsorship
Moxie the Silver Fox: $750 Sponsorship
Utah the Silver Fox: $750 Sponsorship
Rizzo the Bobcat: $750 Sponsorship
Nyx the Bobcat: $750 Sponsorship
Opossums & Groundhogs
Mama the Opossum: $200 Sponsorship
Unnamed Opossum: $200 Sponsorship
Murray the Groundhog: $200 Sponsorship
Houdini the Eastern Box Turtle: Sponsored by David and Kathryn Dobrinic in honor of their great grandchildren.
Marty the Eastern Box Turtle: $100 Sponsorship.
Bubbles the African Side-necked Turtle: $100 Sponsorship.
Tucker the Yellow Mud Turtle: Sponsors, Louis & Jack Yates
Stanley the Red-eared Slider: $100 Sponsorship
Van Gog the Painted Turtle: $100 Sponsorship
Sandy the Axolotl: Sponsor, Mary Rotz in memory of Sandy Konopeiski
Pepper the Axolotl: Sponsor, Girl Scout Troop 819
Trio of Green Tree Frogs: $100 Sponsorship
Slinky the Plains Garter Snake: $100 Sponsorship
Noodle the California King Snake: $100 Sponsorship
Hazel the Western Hognose: $100 Sponsorship
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