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Our Founder

Adele T. Moore has watched TreeHouse grow from a small, backyard grassroots passion project that she founded about 40 years ago to the thriving organization that it is today. 


Read more about Adele and the founding of TreeHouse Wildlife Center here.

Meet the Team

Executive Director
Adele Moore founded TreeHouse back in 1979. She never expected to work with wildlife but after rescuing an orphan cottontail rabbit, she realized wildlife rehabilitation was her calling. Ever since, Adele has overseen the operations of TreeHouse Wildlife Center and has been involved with the wildlife rehabilitation community across the nation.

Adele can be contacted at
Wildlife Rehabilitator
Wildlife Rehabilitator
Fundraising Coordinator
Kelly joined TreeHouse as a volunteer in Dec. 2015, as an animal care volunteer, a grant writer, and fundraiser. In Jan., 2017 she was hired as the Fundraising Coordinator. Kelly is excited to immerse herself more in the fundraising aspect of TreeHouse.

Kelly is a Master Naturalist and has a Bachelor of Arts from SIUC. She recently went back to school and received her Associate of Arts in Restoration Ecology from LCCC. She can be reached at
TreeHouse Educator
Sherri Stillwell
Gift Shop Manager
Libby has always had animals find their way to her doorstep. Throughout the years of common (and some uncommon) strays along the way, she was able to truly understand compassion and kindness and pass it along to her two children. She embraces caring for any creature and has opened her door and heart to many along the way.

In 2011, Libby began volunteering weekly at TreeHouse which led to the position of Office Manager. TreeHouse has become quite the family and she wouldn't change a thing.
Volunteer Rehab Advisor
Rachael Heaton, volunteer Rehab Advisor, makes decisions under the guidance of the Board of Directors, provides guidance for animal care volunteers, and oversees the center's permits.

Rachael joined us in 2012 just before she graduated from SIUE with a degree in Biological sciences: Ecology, Evolution, and Environment. Her background includes volunteer experience in wildlife rehabilitation and research.

Contact her at
Night Watchman
Leonidas, or Leo, has been with TreeHouse since June 2016 after he was found abandoned at a nearby park. Despite our efforts to find his owner, he was never claimed. He stayed at TreeHouse during that period and made a position for himself as our night watchman. Leo enjoys napping in the office or greeting visitors during the day. At night, however, is when he takes up his post as our defender against rodent invaders!
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