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Contest for Grafton's Most Generous Business award begins now!





Starting 5/18 This challenge would raise funds to help us feed our two permanent Pelican residents for a year and in exchange, offer an opportunity to market your business! Treehouse is reaching out to Grafton business owners to raise funds to sponsor our pair of Pelicans, Ed and Penelope. With combined donations from Grafton business owners, we are hoping we can reach our goal of raising $1,500. Any donation amount is appreciated.​


The challenge is whichever Grafton business with the highest donation receives our Most Generous Grafton Business award, and marketing from Treehouse for a year! The winning sponsor’s business name will be featured on a plaque mounted to the Pelican exhibit for all to see, a showcase on our website, and a framed certificate of guardianship that will be sent to your business.


The winner of the Most Generous Grafton Business award will be announced on July 30, 2024. If you are interested in participating in this challenge, please send your donations before that date! 

Ed and Penelope are permanent residents of TreeHouse Wildlife Center and bring year-round joy to our visitors, volunteers, and staff. Penelope is a happy soul who was brought to us from another facility in 2013 due to partial blindness. If you get to know her well enough, she might just let you touch her head! Ed was brought to us from Taylorville, IL in 2014 for a partial wing amputation but he doesn’t think it makes him any less attractive! Ed only loves himself and is frequently found looking at himself in the mirror in his enclosure. Meal time is their favorite and they often beg for snacks while they wait for their fish to thaw. As a pair, they put on quite an entertaining show! They have champagne taste on a beer budget and have no shame in their game. Ed and Penelope’s food is $750/year each, making for our $1,500 fundraising goal to continue supporting their lifestyle.

Interested in seeing what TreeHouse Wildlife Center is up to in and around the area? Check out our calendar and click on the featured events for information!

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