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10 Ways to Donate Without Committment

Don’t have time to volunteer every week, but you still would like to know how you can help save wildlife?  

Check out our 10 Ways to Donate Without Commitment list.


Donation Drive - Setup a donation drive at work, church, neighborhood, school, or troop.  Our wish list is posted at   Call us to arrange delivery or pick up at the end of your drive.

Gift Cards - TreeHouse can always use gift cards for gas, from stores that sell pet supplies, or hardware stores.  

Amazonsmiles - Choose TreeHouse Wildlife Center as your Amazonsmiles charity.  Every penny donated helps save our native wildlife.

Become a Guardian - All of the permanent resident animals are available for a year or more sponsorship.  Want to know more about this program, call us or visit  

Become a Member - A one year basic membership is $20.00.  To find our more about the different levels and benefits of membership call us or visit

Build or sew? - Build: we need perches for our outreach events, squirrel boxes, or small mammal enclosures.   See photos of perches we currently use. The base needs to be sturdy to ensure they will not topple over. Sew:  we need tank quilts for our injured and orphaned baby mammals and cage liners for our clinic ward. Tank quilts need to be 19"x9.5" and cage liners need to be 28"x21".  Quilts should be solid material, no frills, holes, or decorations.

Shop our Gift Store - Need some unique gifts?  Check out our Owl Shop. Benefits of shopping at TreeHouse: Supports the care and treatment of our native wildlife.  Open daily from 10 am - 4 pm.

Make a Memorial Donation - Would you like  a distinctive way memorialize a family or friend?  Memorial donations are listed in our annual newsletter.

Workdays - Schedule your group or organization for a workday at TreeHouse.  A general tour of TreeHouse is given at the end of each workday. We have many projects in need of volunteers to help.

Join the Owl Society - Become a member of the Owl Society.  Add TreeHouse to your estate planning and ensure your living memorial.  

Call and talk to us about your unique idea.

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