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Mission Statement

"TreeHouse Wildlife Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization established in 1979 dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of native wildlife while promoting environmental awareness through education."

Who We Are 

TreeHouse is situated on 8 1/2 peaceful acres between Alton and Grafton, IL in the quiet town of Dow. We provide a professional community service to people in central and southern Illinois who encounter sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife.

TreeHouse Wildlife Center does not receive government funding. Rather, we operate on the kind donations of visitors and supporters, fundraisers, grants, and education program fees. 

We invite you to tour our center and learn about the work we are committed to and passionate about. See our Visit Us page for visitor hours and browse the rest of our website for information on our organization, public events, and how to get involved. 

baby squirrel in hands.JPG

TreeHouse Wildlife Center will be closed until further notice to comply with the government guidelines to limit social interactions. Our animal care staff will still be in to care for our residents and patients. If you have an injured or orphaned animal please call the center and we will assist you.

Drive-Thru Baby Shower -

May 30th, 10am-2pm


Spend your last Saturday (hopefully) in quarantine at the TreeHouse Wildlife Center's Drive-Thru Baby Shower. Join us May 30th from 10 AM - 2 PM to celebrate our native wild babies. We will be selling Drive-Thru Baby Shower 2020 T-shirts. Please come back for early ordering information. We will have volunteers collecting donations and taking "selfies" for you. Photos will be posted on our Facebook page for you to share with friends and family. Animal Ambassadors will be out with handlers for viewing (as weather and environmental factors allow).

Planning on coming to the celebration? We ask that you bring an item on our baby shower wish list below to help staff and volunteers raise and care for our injured and orphaned young wildlife during their time in the clinic. View our full wish list at

Requested Baby Shower Donation Wish List.:

Bungee cords (all sizes)                                                    Kitchen or 33 gallon trash bags
Any cleaning supplies                                                       Paint scrapers
Laundry detergent and dryer sheets                             Arm length welding/animal handling gloves
Latex gloves (medical/cleaning)                                      8qt Rubber feed/water bowls (farm stores)
1 quart or gallon "Ziploc" bags                                       1 gallon and 1/2 gallon Buckets
Heat lamps, full spectrum light bulbs                            Heating pads (no auto shut off)
Printer paper                                                                      Gas Gift Cards to cover transportation of injured animals
Durable plastic kiddie pools/water troughs

Thanks so much for your support! Your donations help us provide the best care for our baby animals so they can be released back into the wild!

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