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Announcing the recently released TreeHouse Wildlife Center app for iPad (only for this time, there are no plans to release for iPhone or Android). Find information about TreeHouse, links to YouTube and Facebook, our Events calendar, and easy donation abilities via Paypal! Search the itunes store for "TreeHouse Wildlife Center" or click the following icon.

Contact Us:

TreeHouse Wildlife Center

23956 Green Acres Road

Dow, Illiniois 62022


If you have have an injured or orphaned animal PLEASE CONTACT US BY PHONE and do not use email. Thank you.

Lifetime Member of the National Wildlife Rehabilitators Association

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Welcome to TreeHouse Wildlife Center!

Helping wild animals for 30+ years.

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Our Mission:

"TreeHouse Wildlife Center is a non-profit, established in 1979, dedicated to the rescue, rehabilitation, and release of wildlife while promoting environmental awareness through education."

Located between Grafton and Alton, Illinois

TreeHouse provides a community service to people in southwestern Illinois who encounter injured or orphaned wildlife by providing a legal and professional means of assisting them and the wildlife involved.

Treehouse Wildlife Center - Animal Track 1Raising Community Awareness

In addition, TreeHouse believes that for any wildlife rehabilitation program to be truly successful, it must be partnered with an interactive program of public education.
The only way to really help our wildlife populations is to educate our human communities about the value of wildlife, the basic needs of wildlife, and man's impact on wildlife. By following this plan of education objectives we can further our cause by teaching people to have compassion, tolerance, and understanding for the creatures that we struggle to save.

Treehouse Wildlife Center - Animal tracks 2Funding and Support

TreeHouse does not receive government funding of any kind and operates with donations from the public, memberships, fundraisers, grants, and fees from outreach programs.

Our organization is operated by a dedicated staff of talented individuals. Two of our operational staff receive funding through a generous foundation grant for supervisory and administrative positions. All other positions are filled by volunteers. Volunteers help fill a variety of needs, from administering care and treatment of wildlife patients to building cages, fundraising, and transporting animals.

TreeHouse operates under permits from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Illinois Department of Natural Resources, and the Illinois Endangered Species Board.

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